2016 UHVnet

9th Universities High Voltage Network Colloquium

UHVnet 2016 - Proceedings


Electrical Networks Infrastructure and Equipment for 2030

Keynote Speakers

Professor Tim Green, Imperial College London, Power Electronics Plant and HVDC for Horizon 2030

Mark Waldron, National Grid, CIGRE Presentation and Current Views on Future HV Infrastructure for Horizon 2030

Philip Bale, Western Power Distribution, Current Views on Future HV Infrastructure for Distribution Networks for Horizon 2030

Dr. Dechao Kong, National Grid, Current Views on Future HV Infrastructure for Transmission Networks for Horizon 2030

Carl Johnstone, National Grid, Offgrid Substation Project

Student/Early Career Researcher Oral Presentations

Dr. Lujia (Tony) Chen, Cardiff University, CF3I Gas and Its Potential for HV Insulation

Monday Ikhide, Staffordshire University, DC Line Protection for Multi-Terminal (MT) HVDC Systems

Dr. Wu Lu, University of Manchester, Effect of Cellulose Particles on Streamer Initiation and Propagation of Dielectric Liquids under Lightning Impulse Voltages

Paul Turner, University of Strathclyde, Nanoscale Simulation of Electric Field Enhancement in Polymeric Nanocomposites

S. Wu, University of Southampton, Dielectric Properties of Novel Environmental Friendly Cooling Fluids

Yang Yang, Glasgow Caledonian University, Developments in the Measurement of the Relative Change of Dielectric Loss in Cross-Bonded HV Cable Systems


Cardiff University

R. Abid - Damage Propagation in Carbon Composite Structures due to Mid-range Lightning Impulse and Prolonged Direct Current Application

H. Ahmad - Electrical Proporties of Field Grading Material Compounded Silicone Rubber

S. Cobo - CF3I Gas Mixtures in Gas Insulated Lines

A.S Krzma - Comparative Performance of 11kV Silicone Rubber Polymeric Insulators with HVAC and HVDC Excitations using the Rotating Wheel Dip Test

H. Hasan - Characterisation of Earth Electrodes Subjected to Impulse and Variable Frequency Currents

H. Hamzehbahmani - Environmental Impacts of HVDC Earthing Systems

G. Mastrolembo - Understanding Voltage and Current Distribution of Cost Effective Carbon Composite Test Samples for Aircraft Lightning Strike Tests

F. Xie - Travelling Wave Fault Location Methods in 11kV Multi-branch Distribution Networks

Staffordshire University

S. Alagab - DC-DC Converters for High Voltage Systems

H. al-Ezee - Aspects of Catenary Free Operation of DC Traction Systems

University of Strathclyde

X. H. Duan - Partial Discharge Detection and Location for HVDC Cables

S. G. Koutoula - Transient Arcing Process: Energy Components and Associated Risks

J. J. Liu - On-line PD Diagnostics in HVDC Cables

C. McGarvey - Performance of Plasma Closing Switches Filled with Different Gases

E. A. Morris - Partial Discharge Detection and Location for HVDC Cables

University of Southampton

I. A. Saeedi - Modification of Epoxy Network Structure Using Reactive Diluent

G. Li - Charge Transport Characteristics in Nanodielectric

S. Saaidon - Influence of Temperature Variation in Bridging Phenomenon of Contaminated Power Transformers Oil

Y. Wei - Trap Characteristics of Aged Oil-impregnated Paper

University of Leicester

A. A. Mulla - Development of Simulation Models for Calculating Space Charge Accumulation in Thin Film XLPE Under HVDC

Glasgow Caledonian University

Arshad - Role of Dry Bands on Electric Field and Potential Distribution of Outdoor Polluted Insulators

M. Azizian Fard - Effect of Harmonics on Partial Discharges in HVDC Cables

M. M. Hussain - Effect of Saline Deposition and Surface Flashover on High Voltage Insulators in Coastal Areas

University of Manchester

Y. M. Huang - Streaming Electrification Characteristics of Transformer Liquids Using Pipe Flow Method

R. D. Villarroel - Improvement of Dynamic Thermal Rating Algorithm for Distribution Transformers

X. Mao - Frequency Response Analysis for Transformer Fault Diagnosis